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Camarillo BWS Profile.jpg

Laura Camarillo

Operations Manager


Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Laura and her husband Tyson, loaded their two cats into their car and with not much more than hope, headed across the country. Shortly after her arrival in San Diego, Laura met with Brentt and Danielle of the Hoover Luster Wealth Management team. During her first year with the Hoover Luster team, Laura knew they were destined for greatness and encouraged the team to think creatively about their own personal and professional goals. It was easy for Laura to see that Brentt and Danielle genuinely cared for their clients, putting their client's goals and interests first.

 Their team desired a client-centered environment, which was not easy to cultivate under a corporate umbrella that was more focused on sales. September 2014 brought a new adventure with the establishment of Bamboo Wealth Strategies. Laura's initiative, knowledge, creativity, and integrity have made her an important part of the Bamboo Wealth family.

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