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Estate Settlement and Trust administration
Advice for Trustees and Executors

You have been named Trustee or Executor for an estate. Fulfilling the responsibilities of this role can be extremely challenging. You must carry out the wishes of your loved one, manage all the assets and liabilities, and effectively communicate with the beneficiaries. In addition to all of this, you are required to maintain a fiduciary standard. 

Bamboo Wealth Strategies' ESTATE Services are designed to help you with these specialized and time-consuming responsibilities by providing you with advice, guidance, and support through every step of the process. Acting as a central point of contact between you, the beneficiaries, and the other professionals involved, we help you manage all the activities and fulfill all the responsibilities that have been entrusted to you. 

We Are Your Resource

Your Team of Professionals

The assets of an estate can be varied and complex.
We coordinate and collaborate with attorneys, tax professionals, real estate professionals, insurance companies, and investment professionals, ensuring you receive the right advice from the right source. 

The Beneficiaries

Family and money can be a difficult combination. Utilizing a professional third party can help preserve relationships and family harmony. The beneficiaries will have questions and concerns. We help you provide them with clear and timely communication and access to professional advice. 

Your time is valuable and you have commitments to your family, lifestyle, and career.
The process of settling an estate will likely take months, possibly years, to complete.
Serving as financial advisor to the Trust, we help you, the Trustee, make intelligent and informed decisions. We take the lead on organizing documents and creating an inventory of the estate, obtaining valuations and appraisals, and identifying and notifying you of any potential risks.
You are updated throughout the process and prepared for the next steps. 

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