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Jeremy Martinson, CFP®


Jeremy understands the power of making good financial decisions. During his childhood in Sacramento, he was fascinated by oceans and creatures of the deep. Jeremy’s room was dominated by large saltwater aquariums and he had dreams of stocking them with fish like Harlequin Tusks, Clown Triggers, and Emperor Angels. His parents had a Costco membership and he had an entrepreneurial spirit. At 14, Jeremy started a successful candy distribution business. He purchased inventory, hired classmates as employees, and performed market research to find which candy brought the highest demand. Skor bars were the big seller. Thousands of candy bars sold for a profit and Jeremy had a bit of the ocean in his room. That passion has stayed with him and lead to his lifelong love of SCUBA diving.

Much like exploring unknown depths, Jeremy enjoys guiding clients through their important financial decisions. He earned his Finance degree at San Diego State University and continued his education by earning a Master of Science degree in Business Administration. Jeremy and his wife Katie share an historic 1910 La Mesa home with their children, Drew, Molly, Chase, and Grey. Jeremy is active in his community, serving on the board of the La Mesa Historical Society and as Treasurer of the La Mesa Arts Foundation. Jeremy has also served as a Board Member of the Boys and Girls Club of East County and as Treasurer of St. Luke's Lutheran Church, the Rotary Club, Rotary Foundation of El Cajon, the John P. Martin Foundation and the Financial Planning Association of San Diego.

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